Discover CellarVerse


Discover CellarVerse

About CellarVerse

CellarVerse was created to revolutionize the wine distribution chain worldwide.
Our aspiration is to spread the culture of wine, of vineyards, of the work in the cellar that leads to a product of excellence into the NFT world and at the same time to help wineries and wine lover to be always abreast of times bringing their culture to a new audience
This combination represents a perfect mixture of the exciting potential of the new digital age, with the earthy and experiential pleasures of the physical world.

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How it works?

CellarVerse is a marketplace where we sell the wines of our partners (wineries and private collectors) through the decentralized ownership embedded in the NFTs, giving customers, wine lovers, wine collectors and NFT collectors their own exclusive wine cellar and the possibility to redeem the real bottle for any special occasion.

The NFTs represent also the ticket to join the community with dedicated food and wine real and virtual events that helps to spread love, culture and experience related to wine

Why join CellarVerse Community?

Joining the CellarVerse Community gives you the opportunity to get in contact with wine lovers from all over the world to discuss, share you experience and have fun and to talk directly with wine producers, sommelier and professional from the wine world to know more about this fantastic product.

Last but not least you have the possibility to participate to a lot of virtual and fiscal exclusive events organize by our partners and you will be the first to have the possibility to own its own virtual cellar.

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Why buy a CellarVerse NFT?

CellarVerse promises that owners of its NFTs will receive gifts and specially selected merchandise from winery, as well as access and invitations to private tasting sessions, gatherings and a VIP cellar.
Those collectors who look at a wine or spirit as more than just an investment can redeem their NFT for the actual bottle. CellarVerse didn’t burn the NFT in order to give the possibility to the community to exchange or sell their virtual bottle with another wine collector.
Member benefits will continue to evolve as the NFT “ages”. More benefits will emerge as the NFT matures, much like it is itself a bottle of fine wine.

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