• Announces of first winery partners
  • First version of the website published
  • Announces of the benefits reserved to the Community
  • Announces of partnership with Artists
  • MarketPlace Published
  • First Drop of NFT Bottles
  • First live and virtual events
  • First special collection announced
  • New wave of announces of winery partners
  • Definition of the agenda of future NFT Bottles Drop
  • Second Drop of NFT Bottles
  • First En Primeur Drop
  • First Collectible Drop
  • First Private Collection drop
  • Partnership with Metaverse
  • Announcements of meeting place in Metaverse
  • Announcements of the events agenda
  • New products and experiences available
  • Partnership Industry players
  • More Benefits announcement for the community
  • CellarVerseDAO creation
  • MarketPlace 2.0 published
  • Enhances of Metaverse space
  • Possibility to Mint directly exclusive NFTs for Customer on our Marketplace
  • First Metaverse wine sommelier award

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