Wine shipments

The wine of CellarVerse Partners’ will be released from 1 month after Mint date and NFT holder will be able to choose between shipment or storage. A dedicated Logistic Company takes care of traditional logistics tasks such as transporting and delivering the wine.

CellarVerse ensure full storage for 1 year from Mint date. Without answer from the NFT holder within 1 year after this date, wines will be considered as non-recoverable.

Shipping fees can be calculated before orders are placed.

Prices are indicated in EUR and Ethereum, including VAT. Custom clearance when applyable remains under full responsability of NFT holder. CellarVerse has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. For further information, you will need to contact your local customs office.

Quantity restrictions may apply for orders outside European Union. 

All the goods are insured by our company during their transport and are carried at our own risk.

All the parcels are delivered with a variable delivery time depending on the final destinations. 

Normally, the deliveries are made within 3 to 4 weeks as from the date of reception of payment of the goods, as well as the weather conditions.

CellarVerse cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays, though we will try to minimize any potential inconvenience for all our customers.

As we are selling fine wines and spirits, you must be of legal drinking age in your country to visit our website.

By clicking YES, you confirm that you are the required age of your country to visit our website, you accept Terms and Conditions and you declare that you have read our Privacy & Cookies notice.

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