How it works

How it works

Move your winery to the digital verse


CellarVerse was founded by experts in wine and technology. Using our background and personal relationship, we partner with the premier wineries and distilleries interested in reaching new wine lovers and collectors. We work alongside the brands to bring them into the WEB 3.0.

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NFT Mint

NFTs Minted

NFTs are minted directly by CellarVerse through the proprietary smart contracts for tokenised fine wine and spirit.

Bottles, cases or barrels of wine and spirits are allocated an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT), which can then be traded at a growing number of blockchain enabled marketplaces.

Market Place

Set up an account with CellarVerse, browse the marketplace and purchase one of our products.

You can choose products from our Partners or product accurately select from Private Collection.

CellarVerse Community
Wine Stored

Bottles Released & Secured

When an order is confirmed, the NFT is transferred to your wallet, meanwhile the actual bottle attached to the NFT is stored in a secure facility within 1 year from Mint date. Physical wine and spirits are stored at professionally managed wine cellars globally. This warehouse is bonded, temperature controlled and insured.

If you don’t have a wallet connected to your profile, we will store the NFT for you and you can transfer it whenever you want to your wallet without additional expenses.

NFT Community

CellarVerse is the platform for the future of wine and spirits with the aim to link the complex world of the blockchain with Wineries, Distilleries, Wine Lover and NFT Collectors.

Members have access to unique virtual and real life experiences. We provide access to exclusive wine, spirits  and fine-dining experiences across the globe. From tastings at top wineries and distilleries to chef’s table dinners at the finest restaurants, to physical and virtual tastings with the world’s best winemakers and experts.

In addition they also take advantage of discounts, access to private future drops, buy en-primeur in advance, virtual tasting and virtual visit.

Wine collectors
Wine Metaverse

The Metaverse

With CellarVerse, you can improve your wine and spirits experiences in the Metaverse. You can share your digital wine and spirits cellar with friends. Wine Lovers, collectors and investors will have the ability to trade bottles from their collections, directly from their digital cellar.

As we are selling fine wines and spirits, you must be of legal drinking age in your country to visit our website.

By clicking YES, you confirm that you are the required age of your country to visit our website, you accept Terms and Conditions and you declare that you have read our Privacy & Cookies notice.

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