La LANA Tintilia del Molise DOC


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La Lana, is the first wine of Campi Valerio to be vinified in terracotta amphorae. This will be an extremely limited release, that will have unique and unadulterated characteristics and flavors. Deep ruby red colour with violet shades.bouquet reminescence cherry, amarena e lamponi confettura. Bodied and tannic.

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Campi Valerio is committed to craft a selection of wines produced in its estates in Molise, central Italy region which provide all the natural elements to grow great grapes.
Founded in 2004, its name represents the bond between a family and its territory. Despite the brand being relatively new, the vineyard has a long and rich history having been established by Prince Giovanni Pignatelli Monteroduni in 17th century.
The Campi Valerio name symbolises more than just a simple piece of land, it represents the family and the territory origins, sourcing only their best grapes from their estates in Monteroduni, Pesche, Miranda and Macchia d’Isernia.

The vineyard based in Molise, central Italy, is committed to optimization of their production and to quality. Yearly volumes are limited to 120.000 bottles.

The estate holdings include 5 single vineyards, each providing great diversity thus yielding wines that showcase their distinctive regional characteristics. These selected lots are designated to the harvesting of Tintilia, Montepulciano, Falanchina and Sangiovese varietals.

La Lana is their first wine to be vinified in terracotta with unique and unadulterated characteristics and flavors. Due to the utmost care and peculiarity of the wine, the release will be extremely limited.

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