• Querciabella Gran Selezione

    Querciabella Gran Selezione 2017 is the first release of pure Sangiovese with a vital connection to a specific vineyard site on the hillside of Ruffoli. A balanced wine with a bright personality and delicate tannins that transmit immediate pleasure, showing at the same time a vigorous capacity for ageing.

    Format: 75cl
    Color: Red
    Vintage: 2017
    NFT Tier: Silver
    Stock: 0

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  • La LANA Tintilia del Molise DOC

    La Lana, is the first wine of Campi Valerio to be vinified in terracotta amphorae. This will be an extremely limited release, that will have unique and unadulterated characteristics and flavors. Deep ruby red colour with violet shades.bouquet reminescence cherry, amarena e lamponi confettura. Bodied and tannic.

    Format: 75cl
    Color: Red
    Vintage: 2018
    NFT Tier: Bronze
    Stock: 0

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  • Barolo 2016 Collezione Umberto n. 3249

    Barolo 2016 Collezione Umberto, produced only in great vintages, was produced in a limited quantity of 3320 bottles and is dedicated to Umberto Mascarello, father of Fabio, the heir who now runs the estate. This important Barolo with its garnet red colour presents spicy notes of tobacco and cinnamon and balsamic aromas with fine and elegant tannins.

    Format: 75cl
    Color: Red
    Vintage: 2016
    NFT Tier: Bronze
    Stock: 1

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Wine and NFT:
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About Us, Wine NFT, Wine Blockchain

About CellarVerse

CellarVerse was created to revolutionize the wine distribution chain worldwide through a new methodology based on the use of new technologies to bring the wine in web3.0.

Our aspiration is to spread the culture of wine, of vineyards, of the work in the cellar that leads to a product of excellence into the NFT world and at the same time to help wineries and wine lover to be always abreast of times bringing their culture to a new audience.

Move your winery to the digital verse

How it works

CellarVerse creates a marketplace where we sell the wines of our partners (wineries and private collectors) through the decentralized ownership embedded in the NFTs, giving customers, wine lovers, wine collectors and NFT collectors their own exclusive wine cellar and the possibility to redeem the real bottle for any special occasion.

The NFTs represent also the ticket to join the community with dedicated food and wine real and virtual events that helps to spread love, culture and experience related to wine world.

You can find all the information in our WhitePaper.

Wine NFT, Who we are, our team

If you are crypto-lover and you know how to manage your NFTs across wallets and trade yourself, it’s fantastic, you are ready!

If not, you can pay in USD, EUR or any currency you want via credit card. You do not need to engage with NFT platforms or cryptocurrency at all, and also if you don’t know how to open a wallet to store the NFT, we can store them for you until you decide to transfer them.

All benefits of being member can be activated on our platform, all purchases can be made in fiat currency, and we can always transfer the tokens for you when you insert your wallet number


  • Exclusive Wine Selection

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    Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences

  • New Sale channel

    Increase Community

    Building brand value in a digital world

    Fight counterfeit products

    Wine Traceability on Blockchain

    Organization of dedicated Metaverse Events

Latest News

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Deodato Arte and Mr. SavetheWall to transform three iconic bottles in three art works that will be sold in October 2022. Connect with our social profiles to have news of these spectacular creations

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